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Why Master Mind Groups Are So Powerful for Your Own Personal Growth

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One of my very favorite things to do in the whole world is to lead a Master Mind Group. It is such an amazing feeling to watch the light bulbs of people come on as they have critical breakthroughs right in front of your eyes. A few months ago, I was privileged to lead a Master Mind Group on an amazing book called, Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn. The more I read and study the truths contained in that book, the more I view it as a great treasure. And here’s why…
Loss…it’s something every person that’s ever drawn a breath can relate to. Big losses, small losses, medium sized losses…it really doesn’t matter, we’ve all been there. I discovered as I led the Master Mind Group that most of us really don’t “get” that we are not unique regarding experiencing loss. We think that somehow, we must be the only one experiencing them.
It was a great eye opener to those in this Master Mind group to hear the stories of great loss that some in the group openly shared. What they shared helped put and keep things in perspective. It’s pretty impactful when we think we have such huge mountains of despair and loss only to find out that the person that’s been sitting right there next to you for an hour each week has just lost a parent, a child or a spouse. Kind of gives you that kick in the pants to have a more realistic picture of what is going on around you and realize that, since we all do experience loss, how we can focus on the ‘Learn” when it happens.
During our MMG, a lady shared that she had lost her husband to cancer the previous year and that the time span between his initial diagnosis and his death was just a few weeks. She shared all of the amazing “learns” she had from that life changing experience and how grateful and thankful she was for understanding that she should focus on not the loss, but the learnings she had. It was startling and somewhat of a jolt to the other people in the group, who did not know her prior to the MMG, to find out that she had experienced such a major loss and yet she still had a phenomenal attitude. Then, such an amazing thing happened. The entire group shifted in their thinking about their own losses and how their attitudes had been quite different towards much smaller losses.
It was definitely a turning point in the individual lives of the group members and made the words on the page of the book come alive in ways that they probably could have never done, had they not been in a Master Mind Group to hear an experience someone’s positive approach to loss firsthand.
So here’s my point…the power of Master Mind Groups is absolutely incredible. Sure, just reading a book on your own can have a huge impact on you and cause you to make changes in your thinking, attitudes and actions, but there’s just something about being in a group, bonding together around a common understanding and being transparent enough to share real life experiences and challenges. These are the things that cement the truths into our lives, challenge us in ways we never thought possible, and cause us to take giant leaps in our personal growth journey.
So what was my great “Learn” from this experience? Don’t ever pass up an opportunity to either lead or be a part of a Master Mind Group! The life that gets changed could be MINE!

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