What in the World is an Intentional Parent?

Many of us who have had the joy of becoming parents, often rely on our instincts and our personal upbringing to shape our parental decisions. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. The main point here is that it isn’t an exact science.

However, what if I told you it could be? While some things will always be out of your control, you can be intentional about your decisions when it comes to parenting. Being intentional means that you are taking a stand against putting your life and your parenting on autopilot.

Great parents do some things “on purpose.” Effective parents are “deliberate” about what they do. (Tweetable!)

A great way to begin is to have some way of recording your thoughts and insights, perhaps in a notebook or a journal or on an electronic tablet. Once you have something to record your thoughts, think about the parenting decisions you have made in the last week and their outcomes.

Were you satisfied with the outcomes of your decisions, or do you wish you had done things differently? It is only when we become intentional in our thinking and reflections about the decisions we make and the actions we take as parents that we begin to stand even the slightest chance of evaluating the results as effective or ineffective.

While some of us are forced to do it on our own, when two parents are involved, changing the way you make parenting decisions works much better if both parents are involved in the reflective thinking process.

Thinking + Reflection + Intentionality + Action = Success

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