How to Think Like a Super Hero Parent

Have you ever wondered why it seems that some parents have all the answers?



Why it looks like their kids are always clean, well behaved, and on their way to perfection? Well, don’t be fooled. It may appear that way, but I can assure you no parent gets out alive without experiencing the questioning, doubts, and fears that accompany a role that’s so high-stakes and important to each of us.

So what is the key to great parenting? Great and effective parenting requires thinking. It is really that simple!

Like many things in life, thinking like a “Super Hero Parent”, largely depends on your attitude. Attitudes. We all have them. For better or for worse, they set us up for success or utter failure. As parents, our attitudes about ourselves, our kids, and our ability to think differently about being an effective parent are the secret ingredients in our success. Holding on to the right attitude, despite our circumstances, is one of the very first commitments that we have to make in our thinking if we are serious about this journey in parenting.

As adults and parents with many experiences behind us we all possess the super power of reflective thinking.  If we can learn to harness this power, we can then think like the “super Hero Parent” we are. So if reflective thinking causes us to gain insights, then we need to decide today to become more reflective thinkers as parents.
As your awareness of what is required for great and effective parenting is being nurtured and increased, you can become armed and ready to move on to the next important element of successful parenting. Remember, it’s not enough to just know what you need to do. Great parenting has to be intentional.

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