About Me

I am the author of the book Raising Kids That Succeed.


I am an avid blogger, writing about real challenges in life, parenting and all things leadership, always looking for ways to share wisdom and solutions to the things that stop us from succeeding in life. I simply want to add value.

About me 1

My passion, purpose and greatest joy is to inspire people to find their own successes in life and live purposeful lives that will nurture successful children and grow stronger leaders.

About me 2

I help people from all walks of life acquire the leadership skills necessary to succeed at work, in relationships, and to reach their potential.

I am a former school principal and superintendent and worked in the education field for 30 years.

About me 3

Now I write, speak, and live a joyful life full-time.

My Featured Media

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Wicker, Lynn A. (2016). Raising kids that succeed. Next Century Publishing, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Wicker, Lynn A., (2010). Sharpening the aim: Making strides to create an assessment culture in schools. In Becker, B. & Shute, V. (Eds.), Innovative assessment for the 21st century, (In Press). Springer Publishing.

My Biography

I am a former public school educator having 30 years’ experience as a teacher, principal, superintendent and associate dean. During my time as an educator, I was privileged to work with thousands of students of all ages, Kindergarten through university level.

I received my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Troy State University. I earned a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the University of West Florida.
In 1997, I completed my doctorate in Educational Leadership from Florida State University. 

I’ve been certified over the years in many different areas including:

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education, Leadership Institute for Superintendents
  • DISC Certified Trainer and Assessor, Personality Insights 2014
  • John Maxwell Certified Leadership Speaker, Trainer, Coach 2013
  • John Maxwell Mentorship Program 2013, 2014
  • Empowerment Mentoring Program 2013
  • Board of Examiners, National Council for Accreditation for Teacher Education

Honors and Awards

  • National Association of Professional Women, VIP Woman of the Year/Education, 2014
  • Herman Frick Award for Outstanding Graduate Students in Educational Leadership, Florida State University, 1995
  • Outstanding Graduate Student, University of West Florida, 1990